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A suite of software and services waiting for you and your business.
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A suite of software and services waiting for you and your business.

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Innovative Automation & Fast Performance

The system behind the BDL Software uses the most advanced and efficient technology which puts your website on the top 1% most fast, efficient, secure and SEO adapted websites in the world.

Advanced Admin Functionalities

The BDL Software offers the mandatory ecosystem any business needs nowadays. It has a dashboard for each portal (CMS, CRM, Studio) and each portal has their own plugins and functionalities. The main purpose is for you to be able to manage your business using only our platform.

Variety of Products & Services for your business

BDL Group offers a suite of software and services, all interconnected and built on raw code.

Our team of professionals can offer you extra features such as paid SEO, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Logo Design and many others. Just fill the form bellow this page and tell us what you need.


The BDL Platform's main purpose is to serve as a full Digital Layer for your business, therefore all the BDL Software is inter-connected via A.P.I. Custom integrations and/or A.P.I. connections can be requested and a pricing offer will be then crafted.

Main Software & Services

We offer an advanced and unique software system which creates a complete Business Digital Layer for your company.

BDL C.M.S. - Website Builder

This is what we call "World of Websites". Here you can create, edit and mantain your website by yourself.

You can either choose an existing website template and quickly change the text/images/layout as you wish and you can have a website ready within 1 hour, or you can choose the Custom Website option, where our team will create it for you as you wish.

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BDL C.R.M.- Management Layer

This is what we call "The Brain of the company". The CRM (Customer Resource Management) is a central software from where you can manage your business. With our CRM you can manage the following:

  • Clients

  • Orders

  • Products

  • Suppliers

  • Pricing & Voucher System

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With this software you can generate Invoices with multiple templates and also send them automatically to the client. You have a dashboard where you can manage and create your invoices; as well as a special area dedicated for Clients and your Organization's details.

This software has E-FACTURA integration, therefore the system can automatically send the Invoices you generate to ANAF

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BDL Hosting

BDL Hosting is the first website to go to when creating your website.

BDL Hosting offers Domain Acquisitions and Web Hosting Services.

We oblige all our clients to purchase an SSL Certificate for their domains. In this way your website is secure and will not appear as a scam to your customers. Moreover, it helps the Google search engine and other search engines index your website rightfully.

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BDL E-signatures Reseller

We offer Qualified E-Signatures for our clients, as we are a reseller of Namirial E-signature products.

This is a mandatory step for being able to send Invoices to ANAF via E-Factura.

It is also an important aspect for your business since Contracts, Invoices and other important documents require the acquisition of an either Advanced or Qualified E-Signatures..

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BDL Archive

BDL Archive is the 'world' of documents.

This software can communicate via A.P.I. to your e-signature account and whenever you sign a document, that document will be automatically sent into a folder in your BDL Archive account.

Moreover, it communicates via A.P.I with our BDL-CRM and BDL-Invoice software and automatically receives documents coming from them.

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